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The mission of Just You Concierge Services is to provide our clients with one of the
greatest non-renewable commodities everyone needs – Time.

Just You Concierge offers comprehensive event planning, travel coordination, personal shopping, fashion styling, magazine fashion styling, and Feng Shui consulting. From conception to execution, we ensure your event is seamless and memorable. Our Lifestyle Management team reduces stress and affords you time to enjoy. With a focus on engagement and inclusion, we cater to private, personal, corporate, and charity events, providing superb service and unforgettable experiences.


At Just You Concierge Services, we consider ourselves “The Happiness Concierge.” Our services are more essential than ever, catering not only to corporate executives but also to everyday employees like Josie and Joe. We provide a personal touch to meet your needs, understanding that people want things done but often lack the time to do them. Let us manage your tasks and events with efficiency, elegance, tastefulness, and class.

Welcome to our

We are leaders in Organizational Lifestyle Management, Time Management Solutions, and Operational Productivity. Think of us as Your Personal Assistant, dedicated to enhancing your efficiency and simplifying your life.

Our Areas of Expertise,
Corporate Capabilities

Boosting efficiency and satisfaction through expert organizational and
lifestyle management for corporate clients.

Exquisite Event Planning

Just You Concierge expertly manages events from start to finish, including meetings, conferences, private parties, and weddings. With our expertise in organization and creativity, we ensure seamless execution, styling your event with multicultural cuisine, décor, music, and fashion.

Travel/Excursion Organizers

Just You Concierge caters to all your travel needs, whether solo or group, to save you time and hassle. Our Travel Coordinators arrange international travel, flights, accommodations, and ground transportation, ensuring a smooth journey tailored for cruises, flights, and destination weddings.

Personal Shoppers &
Wardrobe Consultants

Just You Concierge Consultants serve as your trusted Personal Assistants, dedicated to understanding your needs and consistently exceeding expectations. From fashion to home design, we enhance your unique style and lifestyle with meticulous attention.

Image/Fashion Consulting for Men & Women

Just You Concierge expertly manages events from start to finish, including meetings, conferences, private parties, and weddings. With our expertise in organization and creativity, we ensure seamless execution, styling your event with multicultural cuisine, décor, music, and fashion.

Magazine Fashion Styling

Just You offers professional styling assistance for photo shoots or portfolio sessions, helping you reinvent your style and boost your confidence. Fashion is personal, allowing you to express yourself comfortably without the need for expensive clothes. We help you explore your inner fashionista, embracing the latest trends and styles to make a statement.

Feng Shui Consultants

Just You Concierge Services specializes in Feng Shui, harmonizing individuals with their environment. Trained under Grand Master Lillian Too, our practitioner focuses on home renovations, interior design, and consultation with architects to optimize spatial and spiritual arrangements for harmony.

"Just You Concierge is here to answer your Questions "

We will provide all services listed, if you don’t see it – please request it!

Travel Organizers

Craft unique and enriching travel experiences that broaden horizons, create lasting memories, and meet the specific preferences and expectations of each traveler.

Event Planners

Create unforgettable and seamless events tailored to clients' visions and needs, ensuring every detail contributes to a memorable experience.

Fashion Stylists

Empower clients to express their individuality and boost their confidence through personalized fashion advice that reflects their personality and enhances their appearance.

Feng Shui Consultants

Improve clients' well-being and harmony by optimizing their living and working environments, promoting positive energy flow, and aligning spaces with clients' goals and lifestyles.



Just You Concierge Services truly saved the day! Their attention to detail and personalized approach made planning our corporate event a breeze. Our guests were impressed, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Highly recommend!

Raul Riley

Absolutely thrilled with the Feng Shui consultation provided by Just You Concierge Services. Their expert guidance helped create a harmonious environment in my home, bringing a sense of peace and positivity. Thank you for your exceptional service!

Ella Larson

I can't thank Just You Concierge Services enough for their impeccable fashion advice. From wardrobe revamps to styling tips, they've transformed my look and boosted my confidence. A truly delightful experience!

Mike Jenkins

Working with Just You Concierge Services has been an absolute pleasure. Their attention to detail and dedication to exceeding expectations are truly commendable. Whether it's planning events or managing tasks, they consistently deliver outstanding results. Highly recommend!

Michael W

Choosing Just U Concierge Services was the best decision I made. Their ability to anticipate my needs and execute tasks flawlessly has been invaluable. From managing complex projects to handling everyday errands, they have truly simplified my life and allowed me to focus on what matters most.

Nicholas K

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