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At Just You Concierge Services, we deliver quality personal and business concierge attention to help simplify and manage your busy life. Our primary offering is one of the most valuable non-renewable commodities: Time.

We are dedicated to helping busy individuals achieve more balance in their lives. Our wide array of services includes managing your endless “to-do” list, organizing your home or office, personal shopping, party planning and event coordinating, vendor liaison, and running errands. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination. If you don’t see what you need, just contact us. As long as it’s legal, well-intentioned, and feasible, we will meet or exceed your expectations.

With the industry continually evolving, it’s impossible to list every service we provide. Who knows what new service might be offered next week? Stay connected with Just You Concierge Services, and let us help you navigate and simplify your life with unparalleled efficiency and dedication.


We strive for excellence, that’s why we do what we do in an uncommon way!
What our customers write about us:

Just a quick note to say thank you for your awesome customer service, personal attention to detail, and your human touch.
Thank you for listening and understanding my needs, and service requests. I will recommend you to my family and friends . Very pleased customer.

Sheila Simmons TX, Legal Assistant

Just You Concierge has been an asset to my family and me.
Just You Consultants were very specific and attentive in the services provided. And they were able to coach and guide my family and me to save a lot of time.
I recommend their services.

Mr. & Mrs. M. Casey DC, Corp. Communications

I love Just You Concierge, they have made a difference in my daily lifestyle. They have contributed to the improvement of my well being and peace of mind - providing me more time to do the things I would like to do.
I fully recommend Just You Concierge Services.

Jose Dorce Washington DC, Anchor

It was easy to connect with Just You Concierge consultants, awesome attention to details and swift response to my needs.
Just You provided a myriad of service options and they exceeded my expectations. I Highly recommend this service.

Dacia McKenzie NY, Bank Manager

Just You Concierge Service Consultants are great at reading minds. They knew what I needed before I requested it. My family and I were impressed with the efficient and rapid response to our needs, and desires. We thank Just You Concierge for their attention to details, and classy managing of our event.

Cindy Fields MD, Logistics Manager

I reached out to Just You Concierge, based on their reputation - they did not disappoint me. They have provided me with special attention, and special treatment in the delivery of services.
Had no extra time, and was not able to resolve all my daily chores - then there was Just You Concierge, and my life improved.

Jimmy Ortiz DC, International Relations Manager
As Event Planners, Travel Organizers, Fashion Stylists, and Feng Shui Consultants, our overarching goal is to enhance our clients’ lives by providing customized, high-quality, and transformative experiences.

Corporate Support & Time-Saving Benefits

Just You Concierge Services excels in supporting corporate objectives for recognition, service excellence, and community action. With dedicated on-site Concierge Consultants and a network of specialized vendors, we customize programs to fit your corporate culture and workplace excellence goals perfectly.

Additionally, our time-saving benefit services enhance employee productivity, reduce stress, and boost morale. Our team of reliable, bilingual professionals takes pride in assisting with personal and professional responsibilities, ensuring your workforce enjoys the invaluable commodity of time.

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Do I need a Personal Concierge?

Here are a few points when considering hiring a Personal Concierge:

The best concierge services will give you your own personal concierge, so that you can deal with the same person at all times, for all requests. By learning your tastes and needs, this becomes a proactive service, pre-empting what you would like to do.
Most clients will say the main reason they use a concierge service is to free precious time, enabling them to experience the things they love instead of spending time researching and booking them. A concierge service offers today’s most priceless commodity – time.
A good concierge service always will be looking for the best of everything to recommend to their clients, so you will have access to their insider knowledge and expertise.
It’s not always about saving time or offering solutions to a problem you can’t solve yourself – it’s the convenience of having someone on hand, at the end of the phone or email, to help organize your life, enabling you to maximize your free time.
A true concierge service will strive to negotiate special privileges and benefits for its members wherever possible. A concierge service can add value, make you a VIP and save you money.
A concierge service can obtain tickets to a variety of exclusive and sold out events. Music concerts, theatre, opera, sports games, premières, charity balls and events in the world of film, fashion and TV.
Researching holiday destinations, booking hotels and restaurants or sourcing a unique gift sometimes can be an arduous task.
A concierge service may not be for everyone. Some people always will choose to research and do things themselves, and they just don’t need any additional help. However, please remember that a concierge service offers the most priceless commodity – time!
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